A personal note from Pastor Snow

This article is a discussion on the current season of my life and perhaps, yours, and how it influences the way I approach relationships with others and with God. To begin, I am a mother, a leader in my church, a daughter and a friend to some and perhaps an enemy to others. And I am a daughter of the King, one of God’s image bearers in the earth, and a life-giver. Both my parents are deceased. There have been times I asked the question, why am I the one to be left behind? Occasionally, I have struggled with my commitment to God, His cause, His church and His people. Seeking to ensure that my heart is pleasing to God and not using Him or His people to fill a void in my soul.

My desire in this season is to share God’s love wherever and whenever possible. Making Christ visible in the earth is my goal, set and match. His commandment is to love Him with my whole heart, soul and mind and to love others as He as loved me. He admonishes me to trust Him – even in troubled times. This type of love challenges me often, so my prayer is “Lord give me a heart to love as you desire.”

Relationships with others must be handled with care and wisdom. The knowledge of God’s love empowers me to be confident in the administration of that love to others. It is not something that I can outsource, I am the owner and administrator of it. But, first I had to be taught how to give real love to fragile, hurting, and oft times selfish, fearful and unbelieving people. But selfless love never fails. In this season of my life I am aware that many people do not believe that God is love and that He loves them endlessly. This has becomes my motivation to demonstrate His love all the more.

Today my desire is to leave a legacy that honors Jesus Christ and bring glory to God. My goal is to impact a generation for Christ Sake, thereby adding to the universal Church for all seasons.