Honoring Mrs. Arrie Lucy Snow


My mamma, a faithful woman created by God
Made in His image and motivated by His love
A praying woman, she was filled with His Spirit,
That flowed from the Rock above
She had a bouquet of children and that’s the truth
She raised us all by The Golden Rule
She taught us to do unto others like the Good Book said
He promised to provide our daily bread.
LAWD, have mercy on me she prayed
Sometimes she cried but, on her knees she stayed
An obedient servant and witness too
She lived a life that proved God to be true
She knew that Jesus was the only way
So, she prayed each and every day
Have faith my child you must believe
She taught me to give so that I would receive
Put God first she would say
And my child don’t forget to pray
Mamma could cook and that’s no lie
You should have tasted her lemon meringue pie
Mamma is gone home to be with her LAWD now
She has her mansion in the sky
She did not tarry here too long
She finished her work and then she was gone
Each memory is a treasure that I keep in my heart
And though mamma has gone home we’re not apart
We are joined together by my LAWD, my mamma and I
Because of His life, we will never die

Excerpt from Love to God