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Angie Snow Ministries (ASM)
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ASM Women of Worth (WOW)
Ought Not This Woman Be Untied!

The Aim of Ought, not this woman is to encourage global unity with women through ASM Connect.

To help women regain their identity as God’s image-bearers, to restore intimacy with God, self, and others.

ASM WOW is Women, who have suffered, endured and overcome many of life’s obstacles. We have faced challenging roadblocks along life’s highway; suffering the loss of love – ones, facing prejudices, ignorance, poverty, mistakes, and fears. We have been un-tied not by our abuser but by our Lover. We have looked at our past errors and our accomplishments and found that neither is sufficient fuel for our future. We are strong women, but our strength is not what sustains us; we are beautiful, but our beauty is not what rejuvenates us, we are successful, but our success is not our greatest achievement. It is our love of self that propels us into our future. We have become interrelated to our God, and we are unstoppable. It is His Power that energizes us to greatness. We are His WOW!

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