Outreach Ministry


Outreach Ministry – Preparing women for desperate times.

Take It Out Side – Permitted – Pathway – Purpose

Ought not this woman Be permitted to pursue the path that leads to her unique purpose.

Therefore, we encourage women to Become Radical Risks Takers – dare to be progressive thinkers – open to the idea that she can be influential and intentional; positively revolutionizing her circles of family, friends, and the world at large.
Being prepared to take it outside is first, an inside job – Before embracing others or new ideas, it is necessary for women to be radically changed internally. To be helpful and not hurtful is not a novel idea, it is who we are created to be – graceful – authorized – privileged.

  • To be healthy starts with healing.
  • To be informed start with information.
  • To be believable start with credibility.
  • To be helpful start with desire.

Ought not this woman be bold, beautiful, believable. She builds bridges not walls.
ASM women of value use prayer, biblical counseling, and networking to prepare women to reach other women. There must be in reach before there can be out reach. Preparing women for desperate times.