She Greatly Influenced my Life…

"I first met Pastor Snow in the real estate world. She was already counselling the homebuyers and sellers with her seemingly infinite wisdom. Wasn’t a topic she wouldn’t broach if someone asked her a question. Out of every transaction, they probably were given 40% real estate advice, 40% counselling, and 20% love.
Who knew that she would walk into her ministry full time and continue, this time, with Godly counsel. She makes herself accessible for anyone who needs a shoulder. She uses tough love but you always know it’s for the best.
She greatly influenced my life. I was encouraged to always improve, discouraged from doing wrong, pushed and pulled to continue my education, and loved all the way through. To this day, I can hear her voice just as clear because she poured so much into me.
Pastor Snow is a living water pitcher. She allows all that is in her to pour into you. Take the fruits of the Spirit, place them in a blender, add the Blood of Jesus and that’s what she pours into your empty glass. Let Angie Snow’s Ministry pour into you."